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High Speed Screw Thread Rolling Machine STR-4

Type:High Speed Screw Thread Rolling Machine
Size: Thread Dia:2.0-4.0mm
Price:Please call us for further information.
Post Time:2018-01-09

describe:Product description Features: *High speed, smooth sliding down of screws,convenient adjustment, flexible operation. *Sliding blocks are made of high abrasion resistant material with intensified surface and are under sealed-type automatic lubrication. *Quenching of over HRc58°on surface of screw bridge with roughness of Ra0.8 for smooth sliding down of screws. *Perpendicular and parallel degree of die position is within 0.03mm. *Main motor is equipped with stepless speed change device to allow speed adjustment without stopping the machine. *Rolling bearings are used on rotating parts for durability and ease of servicing. *Screw bridge is featured with vibration mechanism which is most suitable for making small screws and odd-shaped screws. *Stylish shape, compact structure.